Projects in progress

Nowy Świat Housing Estate

The Nowy Świat Housing Estate in Łosice will include 340 perfectly designed flats. We will offer flats from 38m² to 80m² plus 600m² of commercial space. The architecture of the buildings is distinguished by modern white, brown, and black colors, which makes them blend in perfectly with the urban surroundings.

Near the street next to the entrances to the estate, there will be small squares, which will give the entire area a nice homely feel.

Currently, we are at the first stage of the project.

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Osiedle Brzozowe stage V

At the moment, we are working on the V-th stage of Brzozowe Osiedle housing estate, Wiejska Street in Łosice. Single-family houses offered there are characterized by modern architecture and are finished to a high standard. Our offer includes single- family houses of 136 m², with their own garden, utility room and 20 m² garage.

The estate is located in the rapidly developing part of the town which makes it even more attractive. One of the most important attributes of Brzozowe Osiedle is the functional use and design of every m².

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Completed investment projects

The project at ul. św. Stanisława in Łosice

The residential investment project at ul. św. Stanisława is a modern 3-storey building. It fits perfectly into the surroundings, but at the same time stands out due to its elegant architecture. The communal part of the building is marked by functional space arrangement and a high standard of finish. As part of the project at ul. św. Stanisława, we have built 64 flats and 47 underground garage parking spaces.

  • State Kindergarten No.1 – only 15m away
  • Nearest grocery store – only 90m away
  • Elementary School No.2 – only 120m away
  • City centre – only 300m away

The Brzozowe Osiedle Housing Estate at ul. Wiejska in Łosice

The Brzozowe Osiedle project is a modern estate of 35 single-family houses. The metric area ranges from 100m² to 136m². Each house has its own garden and a 20m² garage. The fact that the estate is located in a dynamically developing part of the city makes it all the more alluring. One of the most important qualities of the Brzozowe Osiedle estate is the functional use of each square metre.

The project at ul. Narutowicza in Łosice

The project at ul. Gabriela Narutowicza in Łosice is a housing estate consisting of two blocks with 68 flats and 20 underground garages. The estate has been divided into two stages. The layout of the buildings was designed in such a way as to give residents a functionally arranged internal courtyard.

The project at ul. Krasickiego in Łosice

The project at ul. Ignacego Krasickiego is a modern 3-storey block of flats with 44 flats and 16 garage spaces. The project is situated in a quiet area, which is a great location.

  • Hospital – only 400m away
  • Bus station – only 500m away
  • School Complex No.1 – only 550m away

The project at ul. Siedlecka in Łosice

The residential project at ul. Siedlecka in Łosice is a two-storey block of flats put into use in 2008, consisting of 27 flats, 15 garage spaces, and two commercial offices. The vicinity of numerous commercial facilities and functional space arrangement are some of the strongest suits of this project.

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